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Mayor William D. Hudson


"W.D.‘Pete’ Hudson(1891-1963) was Mayor of Clarksville from 1928 to 1938 and Montgomery County Judge, the top ranking county administrator, from 1951 to 1961. Responsible for the rural electrification of the county during his term as Mayor, Hudson was also in the oil business, in which he pioneered the successful barging of gasoline and oil on the Cumberland River. A successful businessman, Hudson lived at Glenwood, the large house located in the center of Clarksville’s Glenwood neighborhood on Madison Street.

Described as a vigorous man, Hudson came to the bench when the criminal court docket was overloaded. He quickly cleared the overload, according to court clerk Bubba Wells, by holding court six days a week, often until midnight. Though he had a law degree from Northwestern, Hudson had no real experience in practicing law before taking the bench. Subsequently, many of his decisions were appealed and reversed by the Supreme Court. Hudson dismissed this potentially embarrassing circumstance by stating that “he was taking a correspondence course from the Tennessee Supreme Court.”

Hudson had a farm near Wickham’s property. He was a veteran of both world wars and Wickham asked him to participate in the dedication of the statues of Andrew Jackson and Alvin York in 1961. Though Hudson’s old style politics were quite different from those of Kefauver, the labor advocate, and Peay, the progressive, Wickham seems to have appreciated the Judge’s character. Hudson’s successor Judge William O. Beach, Jr. described Hudson in his memoirs as “a rough hewn, dynamic, strong willed, determined, hard driving man who in-tended to get his way in any matter that he undertook.” Beach also credits Hudson with the statement, “To get the best music you have to use the black keys as well as the white” at Wilma Rudolph’s homecoming ceremonies in Clarksville celebrating her 1960 Olympic victories."- quoted text is from the 2001 Customs House Museum Online Wickham Exhibit


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