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Wickham Stone Park

Andrew Jackson on Horseback

Kneeling Soldier Cherokee Totem Pole
Wickham Stone Park has over 30 life-size concrete statues General Andrew Jackson on Horseback tips his hat

The kneeling soldier statue is at Fort Campbell,KY. Photo by Ray Gelinas

This Cherokee Totem Pole is like no other

World War II Memorial Inscription on WW II Memorial WW II Monument York,WW II, Jackson
ET poses by WW II Memorial
This patriotic verse is inscribed 
on the  WW II Memorial

WW II Memorial soldier stands at attention

Sgt Alvin York, WW II Soldier, and Andrew Jackson keep guard
Kennedy,Kefauver,Henry statue Curious bird Flagpole and patriotic verse five statues
John and Robert Kennedy,
Estes Kefauver and Patrick Henry 
stand over the Liberty Bell
This curious Bird on Flagpole prepares to take flight This patriotic verse is found on the Flagpole base Five statues of ET. Wickham line-up along Buck Smith Road
Sam Davis-Bill Marsh Handshake Sam Davis Inscription Lester Solomon Statue Cemetery Angel
Civil War heroes Sam Davis and Bill Marsh shake hands

This verse is found on the Sam Davis and Bill Marsh statue

Conservationist Lester Solomon has a whimsical expression The Cemetery Angel keeps vigil over ETs gravesite
Solomon-Boone-Piomingo and Pioneer Cabin bull rider logo
Lester Solomon, Daniel Boone, 
Piomingo and Sitting Bull look on
ET at work by his Pioneer Cabin on Buck Smith Road Doctor John Wickham makes house calls The Wickham Stone Park Logo shows ET riding a bull westward
Austin Peay Wickham Print Design Wickham Print Design  
Governor Austin Peay silhouettes the night sky

Front graphic exclusively designed for Wickham Stone Park by atfb. As modeled below.

Back graphic exclusively designed for Wickham Stone Park by atfb, As modeled below  

Tee shirt model

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