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Wickham Site Survey - April, 2005

Fatima It was a cloudy day in April, 2005 when my brother and I  surveyed  the E.T. Wickham site in Palmyra, Tennessee. The purpose of this visit was to record measurements and photos of the statues so that at some later time a park could be established and a historical scale model of the site created.

The measurements survey shows the placement of the statues and cabin on the site. The entire Wickham site covers about an acre of land which is currently under private ownership by four different parties. The terrain is mostly level on both sides of Buck Smith Road. Wisteria vines cover the archway, and there are pine trees behind the cabin. The other side is grassy except for the wooded area across the service road where the bull statue stands. A 100 foot frontage for the old Sportsman Club separates the bull plaque and statue of Sergeant York.

The photo survey records the current condition of the religious statues near the cabin and the public statues lined-up along Buck Smith Road. Most photos show a 12 inch blue ruler on the statue to give a scale reference. It is sickening to see what vandals can do to someone’s twenty years of artistic endeavor.

These photos show that many of these statues are beyond restoration, but we do believe the land should be acquired by some public entity and set aside as a park. At the very least the statues should be cleaned-up and the graffiti removed. This is especially important for the WW II Veteran’s Memorial which honors soldiers killed in the World Wars and is now an object of graffiti. After the statues are cleaned-up some interpretive signs about the art and life of E.T. Wickham could be added.

A second project would be to create a scaled model of the E.T. Wickham site circa 1969. This Oklahoma City Memorial scale model  shows what could be done with the historical Wickham site. Then with the use of VR technology this model could be moved to the web and viewers could take a virtual tour of the Wickham statues. This Virtual Reality panorama by Robert Agnel shows how the Wickham model could be displayed. (The free QuickTime plug-in is needed to view Virtual Reality panoramas)

My outline of proposals show ways to preserve E.T.Wickham’s artwork. Please contact me if you can help with these efforts.

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This map gives directions to the Palmyra site.

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