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Andrew Jackson on Horse

“This monument is built in honor
of all men who have gone forth
by land,sea or air to face
almost certain death... ”


"Armed with the sword of the
Lord and Gideon he went forth
into battle and became one of
the world's greatest heroes"

“Its all over with now Bill and
well that it is as it is”



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“This is a statue of Dr J. Wickham
on his stud Nick Fenser, his tenth stud  
and the best fence jumper in the county” 

“They say I would forsake the flag
of my native land but woe unto the
 foe or stranger whose sacrilegious
 hand would touch thee or endanger
flag of my native land”

“Shoulder your axe – Go west
young man, Go west!”  

Sam Davis & Bill Marsh Statue

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