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10 December 2008

I added a YouTube movie link to the main page.

9 April 2008

I'm making few changes to this website. Please check my E.T. Wickham Folk Art blog for latest news. You may also leave comments about this website there.

8 April 2008

Created a color poster for Wickham Stone Park. You are welcome to copy the html code (by clicking on "Want this Badge?") and display the poster on your website or blogsite.

6 April 2008

Created a slide show of Wickham statues- circa 1969- photos

Added link to an article about E.T. Wickham in theTennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

26 November 2007

Added link to an article about E.T. Wickham in theTennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

23 July 2007:

Added embedded slideshows (see below) of photos taken in December 2006 by Zanne (The Farmer's Wife Blog) and photos taken on moving day by Ray Gelinas.

8 February 2007:

Added a set of photos taken in December 2006 by Zanne (The Farmer's Wife Blog). These photos show the current condition of the Wickham statues at the original Buck Smith site as well as the new Oak Ridge site. Presented as a slideshow:

Wickham Statues - December 6, 2006:


22 December 2006:

Started a photoblog to give more detail about selected photos related to the statues. Added link to this website from Links page.

26 November 2006:

Added a T-Shirt Gallery that showcases some of the Wickham folk art T-shirts available from the new online giftshop

31 October 2006:

Added a new set of photos taken by Ray Gelinas of Wickham's kneeling soldier statue at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

11 October 2006:

Good news! Some of the Wickham statues have been moved to a safer location. On 3 October a 25 ton crane was enlisted to move the smaller statues to the Evan's family property near the Oak Ridge and Buck Smith Road intersection. Statues have been located behind a fence but in full view from Oak Ridge Road. Plans are in work to secure the use of a larger crane to move the remaining statues and to begin some cleanup and restoration. The local paper had an article about the move (part 1, part 2, part 3) and I have posted photos taken on moving day by Ray Gelinas. Presented as a slideshow below.

Moving Day for Wickham Statues - October 3, 2006:


14 September 2006:

Added new photos to Sam Davis,Bill Marsh, Bird on a Flagpole, WW II Memorial, Buck Smith Road and W.D.Hudson pages.

9 September 2006:

You can now get souvenirs from Wickham Stone Park from the online Gift Shop .

1 September 2006:

Added link to article about E.T. Wickham in the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia

25 August 2006:

Added a map showing location of the Wickham statues on Buck Smith Road in Palmyra,Tennessee. If you do visit the statues remember they are on private property so please respect the owners' rights.

17 August 2006:

Added a three page article about E.T. Wickham that appeared in the 1973 Vanderbilt Versus magazine. The article was written by Daniel C. Prince who is currently the director of STARS (Self Taught Artists Resources) organization located in Nashville,Tennessee.

1 August 2006:

Added a search of Wickham Stone Park website, Just follow the find link at the top of any web page.

15 June 2006:

Added capability to translate this website into eight foreign languages including French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German,and Spanish. To translate to a different language from English just follow the translate link at the top any web page.

15 January 2006:

Updated the Virgin Mary,Totem Pole, Austin Peay, WWII Memorial, John Wickham, Bull and Flagpole pages with new photos and text.

26 December 2005:

In Memoriam: Iris May Schibig - Third daughter of Enoch and Annie Wickham - Born 24 May, 1916 - Died 17 December, 2005. She was a gentle soul and caring mother. We will miss you Mom.

27 August 2005:

Efforts are underway to move some of the statues to a secure area. To date three of the smaller statues have been moved to a shop for cleanup, restoration and repainting. After this process the statues/monuments will be made available for public viewing behind a protective fence.

23 July 2005:

Added an outline of proposals to preserve E.T. Wickham’s artwork.

15 July 2005:

Vandal One who willfully or ignorantly destroys, damages, or defaces property belonging to another or to the public. –Webster’s

Vandals at play 1
Photo credit to Ray Gelinas
(Click on image for larger view)

Apparently the vandals still have their way at the E.T. Wickham site in Palmyra, Tennessee. These July, 2005 photos show the statue of W.D. Hudson pulled-down and dragged away. Notice the rope is still attached.

Can anything be done to stop this? Perhaps a warning sign about vandals being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law could be posted. Or how about another sign near the WW II Memorial statue stating it is a felony to deface a Veteran’s Memorial punishable by up to ten years in prison and a $10000 fineWeb camera surveillance is fairly common these days and could be investigated as a means of law enforcement.

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