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Just Down Buck Smith Road

Visit my brother Joe Schibig's moving Wickham's Way, A Tribute to my Grandfather website.
The Clarksville,Tennessee Customs House Museum had a 2001 E.T. Wickham: A Dream Unguarded exhibitFort Campbell Soldier
The museum's online exhibit has some excellent essays about E.T. Wickham's art
Clark Thomas's Black and White Wickham photos played a prominent role in the Wickham Exhibit 
Crumbled Glory is an archived Nashville Scene article about events leading to the 2001 exhibit  
Bill Swislow's Outsider Pages has an eloquent photo essay about  E.T. Wickham
Folk Finders has tombstone transcriptions and photos of the Wickham Family Cemetery
Paranormal Tennessee has photos and a “ghost” tale about the Wickham statues 
The Tecumseh statue is the CD cover art for the Clothesline Revival’s Of My Native Land 
The Wickham statues are a tourist attraction for both Clarksville and the State of Tennessee  
John R. Allen wrote an article about E.T. Wickham on his art and photography website
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has an article about Enoch Tanner Wickham
Visit the online Wickham Stone Park Gift Shop and T-Shirt Gallery
Checkout the Wickham statues Squidoo lens and photoblog
See what the Farmer's Wife photoblog has to say about the Wickham statues
Kelly Ludwig's Detour Art website has recent photos of the Wickham statues
Amy's DesignDNA blog site has both recent and vintage photos of the Wickham statues
Montgomery Central High School students ask what would a statue of Einstein look like -- Wickham style ?
The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture has an article about E.T. Wickham

Over the County Line

Lucas, Kansas is home to both Sam Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden and the Grassroots Art Center
Kenny Hill’s folk art environment  is in Chauvin,Louisiana
Eddie Owen Martin (aka St. EOM) created Pasaquan, a truly visionary environment in Buena Vista,Georgia  WW II Memorial
Ferdinand Cheval was a French postman who spent over three decades building his Palais Ideal
E.T. Wickham's artwork was inspired by a visit to Joseph Zoettls Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman,Alabama.
Simon Rodia built the 100 feet Watts Towers over a period of 33 years.
Indian outsider artist Nek Chand created a 40 acre Rock Garden in Chandigarh,India

Here are more folk art environments brought to you by Narrow Larry
For folk art with a south of the border flavor visit San Angel Folk Art
Checkout a random oddity at Mark Jackson’s Eccentric America
Landis Bennett‘s Land Between the Lakes VR panorama shows how the Wickham model could be displayed.
(The free QuickTime plug-in is needed to view Virtual Reality panoramas )
Visionary Art.com is an Online Art Gallery that specializes in Outsider Art from the American South

Other Byways

Checkout the resurrection of the late great American Chestnut tree; what is the fate of all trees?
Take a look at the watercolours, drawings, poems and stories by John W. Johnston of Northampton,UK
See the world in a sensitive light: the photography of Graham Jeffery Sgt. Alvin York
Discover the beautiful and diverse sculptures of Kathy Forer
Have a look at my You Tube channel
Sunset Landscape is a landscaping company based in beautiful Santa Cruz, California
Lake Oroville was created by damming the California Feather River
Visit the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill and the not so wild turkeys of Lockhart Gulch
Say hi to Scooter the Amazon and Peaches the Moluccatan Cockatoo
Eight year old Andrew tells the story of how Google Fixed the Firewall
Very reasonable prices, great support -- what's not to like about web hosting by Webado.net
I have a blog site with some of my photography and videos