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Buck Smith Road, Palmyra, Tennessee, USA
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Buck Smith Road is about an hour’s drive Northwest of Nashville, Tennessee and maybe 20 minutes from Clarksville. Near Palmyra,Tennessee this small road winds its way through the hilly countryside before bisecting Wickham Stone Park.

To get to the Wickham statues take Tennessee State Highway 49 and turn south onto Palmyra Road, then go about .5 miles to Oakridge Road. Turn right (west) onto Oakridge Road and travel about 2.5 miles to the end of the road. Turn right again onto Buck Smith Road and travel about .7 miles. 

Now just to your right, no more than 10 feet from the road, you will see an amazing life-size statue of E.T. riding a bull headin’ west. As you drive farther there are statues of Andrew Jackson, a World War II Memorial, and World War I hero Alvin York, all neatly lined-up along the road.  Still farther down the road are life-size concrete statues of E.T.’s brother on horseback, Austin Peay, a Cherokee Totem Pole, and more. Finally, the last statue of Piomingo, Daniel Boone, Sitting Bull and Lester Solomon appears on the right, just past the arch entrance to the cabin on the left side of Buck Smith Road.

five statues by E.T. Wickham

Statues of Davis-Marsh,Hudson,Kennedy,Totem Pole and Austin Peay lined-up in a row along Buck Smith Road.(Circa 1969)

A good place to park is next to the Sergeant Alvin York statue. After walking around the statues and reading the inscriptions, go across the road to the cabin and say Hi to Tanner's spirit. He always enjoyed talking about his statues, the politics of the day, religion or almost anything else.

Buck Smith Road Cabin

E.T. Wickham at work in front of his cabin on Buck Smith Road. (Circa 1969)

Unfortunately you cannot actually visit the Wickham Stone Park of 1969, but you can be virtually there . Should you wish to see the statues in the present day please remember the statues are on private property and heed the entrance sign caveats.

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Boone Oxen Hudson Davis Kennedy Peay Totem Doctor York WW2 Jackson