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    Public Statues Survey -  April, 2005
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Boone small Ox small Ox small 1
Lester Solomon, Daniel Boone, Piomingo and Sitting Bull - Not much remains. Team of Oxen and Covered Wagon - No wagon.

Davis small 1 Davis small 2 Davis small 3 Davis small 4
Sam Davis and Bill Marsh - No heads.


Hudson small 1 Hudson small 2 Austin Peay small Eagle small
W.D. Hudson - Headless remains. There are more recent photos on the What’s New page.
Austin Peay - Broken glass  around base. Totem Pole - The eagle from the totem pole has been relocated.


Kennedy small 1 Kennedy small 2 Kennedy small 3 Kennedy small 4


John Wickham small Bull plaque small MD small MD small 1
John Wickham on Horseback and Plaque with Bull's Head - Lots of broken glass around base.


York 1 small York 2 small York 3 small
York 4 small York 5 small York Profile
Sergeant Alvin C. York - The York statue was restored and relocated to APSU by Ned Crouch.


Andrew Jackson small 1 Andrew Jackson small 2 Andrew Jackson small 3
Andrew Jackson small 4 Andrew Jackson 5
Andrew Jackson - Much graffiti, broken glass.


WW II small 1 WW II small 2 WW II small 3
WW II small 4 WW II small 5 Bull small

WW II Memorial - This Veteran’s Memorial dedicated to soldiers killed in WW II is now an object of graffiti.

Rider and Bull - Lots of x-rated graffiti.

In 2006 some of these statues were moved to a new location. See the What's New page for the latest.

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