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 Religious Statues Survey - April, 2005
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Susa Selma Archway now Father Ryan - Nothing remains of this statue

Archway and Foxhounds - Sleeping dogs were restored and relocated at APSU thanks to the efforts of Ned Crouch. The arch remains but is overgrown with wisteria and the cross at the top is broken



Virgin Mary with Snake – The headless statue has been toppled over.
Crucifixion - Nothing remains of this statue
Virgin of Fatima, Children of Fatima,Three Sheep, Joseph and Christ Child – The Fatima statue is in relatively good condition. The sundial is also in decent shape. The headless Joseph statue is at APSU  


Tecumseh's Head

Cabin – The roof is falling in and the outside is overgrown with wisteria vines. This is expected since the cabin was built in the 1950’s.

Tecumseh - Only the head remains.(Photo credit to Clark Thomas - see more of his Tecumseh photos here.)

Bird and Flagpole – The rusted flagpole remains but the bird has found a safer perch.
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