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Cherokee Totem Pole


"Several friends and family members have suggested that this work was one of Wickham’s first, created around 1952. If it were made that early, it would have stood alone as the first piece located across the road from his log cabin. Labeled by the artist as a “Cherokee Totem Pole,” it is unlike anything the Cherokee were ever known to have created. It begins with a cat-head shaped base, topped by the head of an Indian wearing an elaborate headdress of concrete, and finally an eagle. Perhaps Wickham was inspired to create the work after fishing trips to the Great Smoky Mountains with his son Harvey. It is known that Wickham did visit Cherokee, North Carolina on one of his trips, but few details about the visit have been uncovered. Two lights, which originally protruded from the front and back of the Indian’s headdress, attest to Wickham’s desire for his works to be seen." -quoted text is from the 2001 Customs House Museum Online Wickham Exhibit.

The Native American Totem Pole  is a sculptured post with figures representing family clans or mythic beings.

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Cherokee Totem Pole

Austin Peay & Totem Pole

Eagle from Cherokee Totem Pole Cherokee Totem Pole Closeup
Cherokee Totem Pole Mid 60's News Article Eagle from Totem Pole Cherokee Totem Pole Closeup

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