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Team of Oxen and Covered Wagon


"Wickham memorializes the pioneer spirit, which he admired so much, with his life-size team of oxen yoked to an actual wagon. The wooden wagon was painted green and inscribed with quotes such as, Shoulder Your Axe – Go West, young man, go West! no doubt a paraphrase from one of newspaperman Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune editorials of the 1850s.

Honoring America’s westward expansion was not Wickham’s only motivation for this grouping. Carroll Ellis, Wickham’s friend and neighbor, remembers his first memory of Enoch Tanner Wickham. While sitting in school one day in the early 1930s Ellis heard a strange ruckus outside the schoolhouse. Looking up from his studies, Ellis saw Wickham driving his team of oxen to town to stock up on supplies. Apparently, Wickham and his team was a famous sight in Palmyra, for the other farmers in the area used mules or horses to carry their wagons. In fact, Wickham was invited to participate in many local parades and celebrations with his team. For years after the death of the oxen Wickham displayed the team’s yoke on the side of his log cabin on Buck Smith Road. When he created this statue he used both his old wagon and the original yoke. " - quoted text is from the 2001 Customs House Museum Online Wickham Exhibit.

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Oxen Team

  ET and Oxen Team

E.T. and son L.D. Wickham ET,family and oxen team

Oxen Team and Wagon

E.T. Driving the Oxen Team Home (Late 60’s photo)

E.T. and son L.D. Wickham (Late 60’s photo) E.T. and Children (Late 60’s photo) 




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